The High Achievers Scholarship Program
for students entering Grades 5-12 in the 2020-2021 academic year


TH School is an independent, non-denominational, co-educational day and boarding school that offers an internationally focused college preparatory education for national and international students from ages 2–18. TH School Systems operates two campuses:

  • TH School Chùa Bộc: 4-6 Chùa Bộc Street, Đống Đa District, Hà Nội
    offers day school for students from 2–18 years old

  • TH School Hòa Lạc: Hòa Lạc Hi-Tech Park, Thạch Thất, Hà Nội
    offers day and boarding school for students from 11–18 years old


I. Program Scale

[A.]2020欧洲杯APP下载 The program awards multiple scholarships for more than 100 high achieving students. Individual scholarships may have a value up to billions of Vietnamese đồng.

[B.] Awardees of the TH School Ambassador Scholarship will receive a scholarship of a value of 50% of total tuition fees for all years of study at TH School. In addition, TH School Ambassador Scholarship holders are eligible to compete for a more prestigious scholarships such as the TH School Founder Scholarship or the True Happiness Scholarship for a Program Course:

  • Program Course for primary: Grade 5

  • Program Course for lower secondary: Grade 6, Grade 7 and Grade 8

  • 2020欧洲杯APP下载Program Course for upper secondary: Grade 9 and Grade 10

  • 2020欧洲杯APP下载Program Course for university preparation: Grade 11 and Grade 12

To maintain the awarded scholarship of a Program Course throughout the years, students are required to demonstrate his/her best efforts and will be evaluated every year by the Scholarship Committee according to the following criteria:

  • Excellence in all aspects of academic and extracurricular activity

  • 2020欧洲杯APP下载Respect and Responsibility

  • Participation

  • Leadership

[C.] The TH School Founder Scholarship and True Happiness Scholarship are subject to renewal for every Program Course.

II. Scholarships

  1. The TH School Founder Scholarship offers 100% of tuition fees for one Program Course;

  2. The True Happiness Scholarship offers 70% of tuition fees for one Program Course;

  3. The TH School Ambassador Scholarship offers 50%2020欧洲杯APP下载 of tuition fees for all years studying at TH School.

III. Eligibility Requirements

[1.] Vietnamese and international students, including current TH School students, who meet the following criteria are eligible to apply:

For Vietnamese students:

  • Minimum 8.0 points for Mathematics, Science and English. Good behavior report from previous schools are required.

  • Students who have good academic results and talents in music, sports or art

For international students:

  • 2020欧洲杯APP下载Achievement of A/A* for Mathematics, Science and English (general) and have a good behavior report

For current TH School students:

  • Possess good academic achievement and behavior reports

[2.]2020欧洲杯APP下载 Scholarship Assessment Scheme: 100 points

  • Paper examination: 50 points

  • 2020欧洲杯APP下载Interview and presentation: 30 points

  • 2020欧洲杯APP下载Certificates and/or Awards from national or regional competitions: 20 points


  • Students enrolling in Cambridge IGCSE program who have minimum 5 A/A*: 20 points

[3.]2020欧洲杯APP下载 Scholarship Assessment Scheme for in-house students: 100 points

  • 2020欧洲杯APP下载Annual Teachers & Scholarship Committee assessment: 50 points

  • 2020欧洲杯APP下载Certificates and/or Awards from non-compulsory competitions: 30 points

  • Strong leadership, ability to influence and inspire others, and excellent school ambassadorship: 20 points

IV. Timeline & Application

[1.] Timeline

  • 2020欧洲杯APP下载Accept application: 1st January 2020 to 15th April 2020

  • Paper examination and interview:  March to April 2020

  • Scholarship announcement and award: end of April 2020

[2.] Application

  • Application document must be sent to:
    TH School Admissions Office
    4-6 Chùa Bộc, Đống Đa, Hà Nội

  • 2020欧洲杯APP下载Documents to be included in your Application include:

    • Completed Application Form

    • Legalized copies of Certificates and Awards

    • School Reports or Transcript

2020欧洲杯APP下载Learn more:

For more information, please contact the TH School Admissions Office at +84 (0)9 1938 2255.